Is it possible to keep the advantages of aluminium in heavy handling system?
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Lightness and modularity of an aluminium conveyor belt for the marble and stone industry.
project: conveyor belt      application: handling of marble and stone blocks      year: 2003

Yes, it is!  Even if aluminium is known for its lightness, it can be used also in handling of heavy loadings, such as marble and stone.
Our technical know-how let us take advange of the modularity of the aluminium profile, obtaining a unique product.
The detailed study and projectation of the frame, the use of rolls and heads "ad hoc", custom made and tailored on the project, make possible a conveyor belt that can move up to 1500 kg.
The final product is a lighter conveyor belt, but with the necessary solidity, which can be modulated according to necessities of use, thanks to the grooves where you can anchorate accessories or bars, or other tools.
The belt, too is chosen among the more suitable materials, for the transport of heavy loads.
The final result is a conveyor belt which responds to the highest requests of solidity, modularity, precision, but in aluminium.