How a guard cabin "makes the style" of the machine
By HCE 26/01/2016 @ 10:07:02, to blog-uk, linked 2256 times.
project: cabin-guard      application: waterjet pump       year: 2003

The traditional closure of the "pump area" is normally a metallic painted cabin, whose function is simply closing the machine. In this case our customer did not want to have a standard cabin, but was looking for something aesthetically different.
Our project allows the possibility to make some adjustments or set up actions on the machine, thanks to our opening systems, together with maintenance operations that may be necessary.
Our proposal was approved by the customer, who was very satisfied also from an aesthetical point of view, for our accurate study of shapes and choice of materials.
The final result made our customer want this cabin not only for the single project, but also for the future ones, as a standard solution to be proposed to all his customers.